Artist Statement

My work is known for its interdisciplinary focus and innovative use of a variety of materials, formats and processes to explore questions related to gender, class, nostalgia, history, memory and the relationship of private and public space. Media in which I have made work ranges from sculpture, drawing, wallpaper and textiles to video and bookworks. At the same time, my practice has had a strong research base in the sense that work is often made in response to, provoked or generated by a specific context or place, and depends, to some extent, on research undertaken in these locations. This includes making on-site observations, visiting official repositories of history such as archives, museums and libraries and unofficial and vernacular collections such as those found in junk stores, popular media locations and private residences.


A native of Calgary, Alberta, Gisele Amantea lives in Montreal where she taught in the Studio Arts program at Concordia University from 1995 to 2012.

CV available upon request.

Contact: [email protected]