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Red Horizontal

Red Horizontal is a public artwork commissioned by the City of Vancouver Public Art Program and Concord Pacific. Red porcelain enamel panels are embedded in the upper portion of concrete benches that run along a portion of the seawall in the North False Creek neighbourhood. In cooperation with area residents, photographs were taken of the interior spaces of apartments, condominiums, lofts or seniors’ housing. These photographs were then arranged into a number of different sequences and appear as transparent halftone images layered on the red panels. A total of 257 photographs appear in the work, twenty-nine of which are repeated. The photographs of the residences were taken in the spring and summer of 2004.

Made with the assistance of Cedric Bomford and Jenn Campbell

Location: David Lam Park, Vancouver
Media: porcelain enamel
Dimensions: 19 cm x 100.6 m x 1.9 cm (7’ 1/2” x 330’ x 3/4”)

Photogrphy: Tomas Schwab