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Mable K. 1998

The text in Mable K. is from a found letter that was written in Saskatchewan in 1940. The letter has been flocked onto red-flocked fabric. The work is large and is intended to both immerse viewers in the piece and make the private lives of women public in an emphatic way.

Dimensions: 305 x 236 cm (10’ x 7’ 9”)
Media: flock on flocked fabric

Collection: MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photography: Peter MacCallum

Faux Gateau 1997

Faux Gateau was created specifically for the exhibition fetish. The exhibition was presented at the Art Gallery of Windsor when it was temporarily housed in Devonshire Mall, one of the city’s larger shopping centres. A series of works by different artists were presented sequentially in an oversized, custom-built display case located in the concourse of the shopping centre in front of the entrance to the gallery.
Faux Gateau, as its name implies, is a fake cake composed of a round disk covered with cake icing and commercial cake decorations. The cake rests on a pile of white silk flowers. Mable K.’s letter (for the text see the work Mable K.) is written in red icing on the surface of the cake.

fetish was curated by Renee Baert.
Dimensions: 76.2 x 50.8 (diameter) cms (30” x 20” diameter)
Media: icing, styrofoam, silk flowers, wood

Photography: David Fine