The King v. Picariello and Lassandro 2007 (digital video)

The animated video component of this work was created from the drawings used to make the original digital prints.

The King v. Picariello and Lassandro utilizes conventions of the silent film and film noir to dramatize the complex social circumstances and regional and national politics of the time that lead to the quick and decisive conviction of these two “foreigners.” An original music score accompanies text and image. The beauty and starkness of the black and white drawings evoke a sense of nostalgia and memory alluding to the power of visual forms to inflect history and our understanding of the past.

Duration: 21:31 minutes

Composer: Abigail Clark
Piano: Ben Kwong
Clarinet: Paul Mulligan
Mandolin: John Wrinch Williams

Animation: Hart Snider

Copies of the video are available through the artist.