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Blue Wall

Blue Wall was conceived for the exhibition Antidotes for Madness at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The sculpture is part of an installation that included four large sculptural works. The leaf pattern in Blue Wall was carved into the plaster surface and then spray-painted gold. The area surrounding the leaf pattern is flocked* blue. The objects on top of the wall were found in ceramic hobby stores and spray- painted gold.

“Bad taste is universal. I know that from touring with my films. I think some countries are better at it. SPAIN. I think being Catholic helps too. You are raised with so much theatrics. When you look back on it it’s so berserk. I think it can give you a sense of humour if you survive it.”
John Waters

*Flock is composed of short fibres which, when adhered to a surface, create a velvet-like effect. It has a wide range of industrial applications but, because of its use on inexpensive, gaudy wallpaper and cheap, mass-produced items, it is commonly associated with bad taste and kitsch.

Media: plaster, wood, spray paint, flock, ceramic
Dimensions: 216 x 457 x 107 cm (7’ 1” x 15’ x 3’ 6”)

Collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Regina, Saskatchewan

Photography: Don Hall