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A Daily Record

A Daily Record is the title of an exhibition that was created for Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre, Kolkata, India. The installation utilizes a series of found notebooks, extraordinarily meticulous and intimate in nature, in which Emma Luciantonio recorded her daily life. Mrs. Luciantonio lived in southern Ontario (Canada) where settled with her husband when they emigrated from Italy in the 1950s.

Three of the four rooms of the gallery feature a sequence of prints based on a specific notebook. The series of works in the fourth room are the covers of a number of the notebooks in which Mrs. Luciantonio recorded the details of her and her family’s life.

Made with the assistance of Centre SAGAMIE, Alma, Quebec and the generosity of Sandra Luciantonio

Room 1: A Daily Record
Media: laser print
Dimensions: 30.4 x 43.1 cm (12” x 17”)

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  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_11
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Room 2: Financial Notebook

Recorded in this notebook is an itemized list of every dollar and cent spent and what it was used to purchase. The specific amount was then subtracted from incoming funds and meticulously recorded.

Media: Inkjet print
Dimensions: 54.6 x 76.2 cm (21.5” x 30”)

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  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_07
  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_06

Room 3: Yellow Notebook

Yellow Notebook contains an expanded record of daily activities, duties and appointments.

Media: inkjet prints
Dimensions: 60.9 x 236.2 cm (24” x 93”); small print (14” x 18”)

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  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_015
  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_012
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  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_009
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  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_005
  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_002
  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_003
  • gisele_amantea_daily_record_001

Room 4: Covers

Media: inkjet print on photo rag
Dimensions: 35.6 x 45.7 cm (14” x 18”)

Photography: Seagull Media and Arts Resource Centre