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Knock Out (Version 1)

Knock Out is an image on a postcard, one of a series based on Popeye cartoons. In this image Popeye is celebrating “knocking out” Olive Oyl. The work was first made for the exhibition Dearest, which was a reflection on the violence often found in representations of heterosexual romantic love.

Media: flock and paint directly on gallery wall
Dimensions: 161.9 x 116.8 cm (5’ 3 3/4” x 46”)

Photography: Richard-Max Tremblay

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Knock Out (Version 3)

Version 1 of this work created for Oboro Artists’ Centre in Montreal, Quebec in 1998.

Made with the assistance of Red Armstrong

This work was created for Beaux rêves, dures verities Sweet Dreams, Hard Truths that took place at the Musée d’art de Joliette in Joliette, Quebec from January 31 to May 25, 2010. The curator of the exhibition was Eve-Lyne Beaudry.

Media: flock directly on gallery wall
Dimensions: 259 x 160 cm (102” x 63”)

Photography: Richard-Max Tremblay