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Dear Andy (Version 2),

The second version of this work was ephemeral. It was made directly on the walls of Oboro Gallery and the text was flocked.

Media: flock and paint directly on gallery wall
Dimensions: 335 cm x 13.7 m (11’ x 45’)

Photography: Richard-Max Tremblay

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Dearest (exhibition installation) 1998

The work in this exhibition was made during a residency from May to August 1998 at Oboro in Montreal. Over this period of time four works were created directly on the walls of the gallery. The video installation In Your Dreams was also developed during this time.

Gisele Amantea’s allusions to the paradigms of photography and film, to narrativity and mass culture, her use of decorative techniques and details, appropriated texts, cursive script and, video, differentiate her work from what has been called high art. Although the subject matter, her choice of materials, the form of her work and its aesthetics are familiar, they are not traditionally valued: these matters and materials are usually associated with the feminine or the domestic, with minor art or craft forms, with kitsch or alternative cultural practices, rather that with the masculinist projects of high art and the avant-garde.
Annette Hurtig, 1996

Works in the image are: Dearest, L’île des Démons, Dear Andy, and Knock Out.

The site works in this exhibition were made with the assistance of Glen Gear and Red Armstrong.